Inkjet Printer 100

It is a high efficient inkjet printing equipment consuming middle and low viscosity liquid metal. It can directly print patterns and electronic circuits on various substrates and can also cooperate with gravure, screen and other devices with produce more precise patterns. During printing process, the printer can realize online printing after being connected to computer by USB cable. It can also be used in off-line printing mode through SD card. Before printing,.gcode file shall be prepared to control the movement of nozzle. The operation of equipment is simple; thus, it can be used to produce printed circuit, thin film switch, flexible conductive film, anti-counterfeit label, smart textile, pressure sensors and other products.

Advantages and Features
  • Strong adaptability of substrate

    Strong adaptability of substrate

    Inkjet printer 100 has a strong adaptability of substrate, which adapts to most of substrates without surface roughness limitations

  • High accuracy

    High accuracy

    The printing accuracy is high and the thickness is controllable

  • Fast speed

    Fast speed

    The printing speed is fast and can be used for large amount preparation

  • Large capacity

    Large capacity

    The ink box has a large capacity and can be refilled

Technical Parameter
Forming processdirect spray printing or gravure printing, screen printing, low temperature transfer printing
Substrate typesprinting paper, label paper, photo paper, PVC, PE, PP, PET, ABS, PC, PMMA, PU, glass, cotton, silk, etc
Substrate sizenot limited
Ink box volume1L
Minimum thickness by spray printing150μm
Increased maximum spray printing thickness5mm
Printing accuracy0.05mm-0.1mm
Nozzle movement speed1–20mm/s
Nozzle inside / outside diameter0.06/0.16mm
Software environmentXP/Win7/win8
Device interfaceUSB
Format of input filesgcode
Power requirements100–120/200–240VAC, 50/60Hz
Working pressure rangeTemperature 10 - 40℃, humidity 20% - 80%
Overall weight10Kg
Application Fields
  • Printed Circuit
  • Thin Film Switch
  • Flexible Conductive Film
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Smart Wearing Device
  • Motion Sensing Device