About the System

Liquid Metal Fast PCB Manufacturing System is mainly applied for on-site instant manufacturing of single-layer and double-layer circuit board, provides convenient and efficient basic tools for complex circuit design and verification, create good conditions for improving iteration cycle. During basic teaching, engineering training, electronic competition, etc. the system can satisfy design deliberation and rapid verification needs which makes users more competitive.

System Configuration

Core   InstrumentElectronic &   Circuits Printer (Dream S1)
Basic Tools
Electrothermal Blast   Oven
UV-curable Box
Soldering Pot
Cuttinng Machine
High Speed Drilling Machine
Thermostat Soldering Iron
Heat Gun
Heat Gun Bracket
360° Flip Tooling
Scaling Powder
Low Temperature Solder Wire
UV-curable Adhensive
Recommend   AccessoriesSupport Plate

Core Instrument

Electronic & Circuits Printer (Dream S1) can fast realize single-layer and double-layer circuit boards production. Compared with traditional manufacturing process, Dream S1 can print the circuit broad within ten to twenty minutes by avoiding many repetitive and miscellaneous processes such as photo-film, corrosion, milling and cleaning, etc., meanwhile, simplify the manufacturing process and reduce the difficulty of operation, environment and equipment requirements. Dream S1 can be widely applied to electronic teaching and practice, especially for competitions requiring strict design and production time.

Software Download

Electronic & Circuits Printer (Dream S1) matching printing software

Download Address:Dream S1  V1.3.0.17

Advantages and Features
  • Instant PCB making

    Instant PCB making

    Using additive manufacturing technology and desktop level instrument can reduce manufacturing time, improve efficiency, and satisfy on-site instant production demand.

  • Rapid proofing

    Rapid proofing

    Printing speed reach to 60mm/s, it takes only 2 hours to make a 100mm*160mm double-sided PCB. If there are design improvements, they can be optimized immediately and reproduced.

  • Double-layer PCB making

    Double-layer PCB making

    Fusion of traditional PCB manufacturing technology, suitable for instant making of double-layer PCB.

  • Safety, Reliability & Environmental friendly

    Safety, Reliability & Environmental friendly

    Firmware & control software has passed many functional, performance and reliability tests. Liquid metal is stable, non-volatile, has passed many biocompatibility tests & RoHS certification.

Technical Parameter
Equipment Size731mm*512mm*345mm
Equipment Weight48KG
Working Temperature5-35℃(Recommendation 25℃)
Relative Humidity20%-93%(Recommendation≤40%)
Ambient Pressure86kPa-106kPa(Recommended Altitude ≤2km)
Maximum Power300W(Standby Power 20W)
Printing SubstratePET(Thickness 0.25mm)
Minimum Line Width0.3mm(12mil)
Repetitive Accuracy0.04mm(1.6mil)
Minimum Line Spacing0.3mm(12mil)
Printing Speed6-60mm/s
Print Format180mm*256mm, 256mm*169mm, 256mm*380mm
Communication InterfaceUSB2.0(B)
Power Adapter220V 50/60Hz
Application Fields
  • Students’ Innovative Practice
  • Electronic Technological Training
  • Electronic Design Competition