Circuit Printer

The REAM.INK liquid metal electronic and circuit printer is the global first printer for liquid metal high-tech products’ printing at room temperature. It completely changes the traditional mode of technical concepts, avoids problems like too complex technologies by laser engraving/chemical corrosion in traditional circuit’s production and a long production cycle, breaks technical bottlenecks and barriers of personal electronic manufacturing, and turns low-cost, fast and random electronic circuits’ manufacturing into reality.

Flexibility of Printing Process

With the application of this equipment, users can directly print circuit design on various planar substrates under normal office environment, which improves the speed and adds an unknown flexibility to circuit. At the same time, due to the flexibility of printing process, the functional circuit can be expanded into the artistic circuit, making circuit design more creative.

Advantages and Features
  • Fast print speed

    Fast print speed

    The print speed reaches up to 125mns. It only takes 5-10 minutes to print the breadth (150X100mm).

  • Small equipment volume

    Small equipment volume

    The volume of equipment is 684*512*293mm and can be placed on table, which isbeing convenient for moving.

  • Be environmental-friendly and no pollution

    Be environmental-friendly and no pollution

    Producing process is environmental-friendly and of no pollution, and materials of electronic ink are safe, stable, non-toxic and recyclable.

  • Good circuit flexibility

    Good circuit flexibility

    The circuit contains a good ductility and the patterned circuit’s flexibility is excellent.

  • Strong adhesive property

    Strong adhesive property

    Can be properly attached to and be adaptive to various surfaces, and contain a good performance of viscidity after modification.

  • Be convenient and economic

    Be convenient and economic

    Users can directly print on various substrates, replacing 7-8 procedures of traditional PCB production at a low comprehensive cost.

  • Personalized customization

    Personalized customization

    The circuit diagrams and relative printing patterns can be designed and customized separately, which is beneficial to developing good innovative and practical abilities.

  • Leading technology

    Leading technology

    We have applied for more than 60 patents for basic core technologies’ innovations and have an integrated independent intellectual property system.

Technical Parameter
Equipment size684mm x 512mm x 293mm
Equipment weight40kg
Print line width100 μm
Print thickness100 μm
Minimum line spacing100 μm
Print breadth297mm or 210mm width, length is not limited
EncapsulationUV / silica gel
Mechanical accuracy50 μm
Repeat accuracy100 μm
Print substratePVC, PET, PE and other thin films (0.1mm-1mm)
Rated power250W
Input voltageAC220V 50/60Hz
Communication modeRS232
Operating temperature10-60℃(25℃recommended)
Relative humidity30%-80% (40% recommended)
Ambient pressure<4000m, 86kPa-106kPa (100kPa recommended)
Application Fields

The DREAM.INK liquid metal electronic circuit printer can be used in many fields, such as flexible PCB with complex large areas, RFID tags, smart labels, flexible sensors, electrical sensors, electronic arts, electronic decoration, electronic construction design, portrait, circuit unit, electronic greeting card, electronic patterns, or even the instant printing and production of electronic devices.

In addition, the DREAM.INK liquid metal electronic circuit printer will bring innovative breakthrough and convenience for people's production and life in the field of advertising, smart home, intelligent mobile phone, wireless communication, man-less driving electronic automobile, electronic skin, medical technology and other aspects.

  • Smart Home
  • Intelligent Mobile Phone
  • Flexible PCB
  • Man-less Driving
  • Medical Technology
  • Electronic Skin