About the System
id Metal Innovation Electronic Manufacturing System benefit from the core material – Liquid metal, an alloy that remains liquid state at room temperature. In laboratory environment, the system can achieve fast manufacturing electronic devices with flexibility and high stretchability, which create possibilities for innovative electronic design.

Liquid Metal Innovation Electronic Manufacturing System satisfied product design,  validation,  proofing needs during education, practice and innovation, which can be widely use in the fields of basic teaching, engineering training, innovative education and cultural design.

System Configuration

Core   InstrumentLiquid Metal   Electronic & Circuits Printer(DP-I)
Standard   accessoriesDrying oven
Basic Tools
Priting Substrate
Sealing Tools
Liquid Metal Paste
Liquid Metal Handwriting Pen
Circuit Modification Pen
Circuit Fast Verification Board
Flexible   Circuit Making ToolkitCryogenic transfer   freezer
Stretchable Substrate 
UV-curable rubber pen

Core Instrument
Dreamink DP-I is the world's first desktop level liquid metal electronic & circuits printer, using liquid metal as conductive ink, direct printing of circuit by specific fluid transport mechanisms.
DP-I electronic & circuits printer equipped with professional control software, multiple electronic design engineering documents and other common picture files can be imported directly into the software, print parameters can be set by the software,realize the instant and fast manufacturing of electronic circuit.

Software Download
Liquid Metal Electronic & Circuits Printer (DP-I) matching printing software
Download Address:DP1   V9.1.1.14

Advantages and Features
  • Instant circuit making

    Instant circuit making

    Realize fast one-button printing of electro-nic circuits in laboratory environment, only take 5-10mins to print a 150mm*100mm ci-rcuit board.

  • Fast Installation of SMD Components

    Fast Installation of SMD Components

    SMD component can fit the printing circuit perfectly.

  • Flexible & Stretchable Circuit Making

    Flexible & Stretchable Circuit Making

    Supporting making circuits on flexible/stret-chable substrates to realize making flexi-ble/stretchable electronic devices.

  • Economy, Efficiency, Safety&Environmental friendly

    Economy, Efficiency, Safety&Environmental friendly

    The positioning and quantification printing mode reduces the cost. Liquid metal ink is non-volatile, recyclable, has passed many biocompatibility tests & RoHS certification.

Technical Parameter
Equipment Size684mm x 512mm x 293mm
Equipment Weight40kg
Minimum line width0.1mm(4 mil)
Minimum Line Spacing0.1mm(4 mil)
Print Format210mm*297mm, 297mm*210mm, 297mm*420mm
Repetitive Accuracy0.1mm(4 mil)
Printing SubstratePVC、PET、PE etc. ( Thickness 0.25mm)
Maximum Power260W(Standby Power 20W)
Working Temperature5-35℃(Recommendation 25℃)
Relative Humidity20%-80%(Recommendation ≤40%)
Ambient Pressure86kPa-106kPa(Recommended Altitude ≤2KM)
Application Fields
Liquid Metal Innovation Electronic manufacturing system can be applied to innovative practice, art & cultural innovation and other fields, providing a way for innovative development.
  • Innovative Practice Education
  • Art & Cultural Innovation